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ASMF also reimburses for gas expenses or other related services for treatment, such as childcare, medications, and medically necessary lodging (hotel) needed to access care.

Funds are not given directly to clients, ASMF pays the service providers to help clients receive needed help.

ASMF also helps by providing one-on-one case management, bill negotiation for the underinsured, and referrals to other forms of assistance as needed, such as housing, food, income support, Medicaid, other insurance, to name a few.

We are proud to partner with all New Mexico cancer providers in our mission to assist underserved women and men of New Mexico by helping pay for breast or cervical cancer treatment bills.

The Anita Salas Memorial Fund (ASMF), a nonprofit 501(c)3, helps pay for breast or cervical cancer treatment for women or men, or for related expenses, such as transportation, lodging, or medications for treatment. These women and men are moderate to low income, under insured or uninsured.

The funds go directly to the bills, not to the patient; and 100% of the donations stay in New Mexico to help women and men. There is a 5% administration fee. So, 95% is used directly for breast and cervical cancer services with nominal amounts towards fundraising.

ASMF opens doors to access to care by paying up-front fees for medical treatment.

ASMF pays for diagnosis, treatment, and physician services not covered by insurance, including copays and deductibles.


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We aim to assist underserved women and men of New Mexico in the treatment of breast and cervical cancer.



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New Mexico Bank and Trust: Another PINK way to support ASMF. The Pink Ribbon Debit Card Program has generously supported ASMF for numerous years.


In 1996, the "Drive for Life" fund was established under the leadership of Anita Salas, Manager of the New Mexico Department of Health's Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program.  The not-for-profit 501(c)3 fund was established to assist low-income women in receiving diagnostic and treatment services for breast and cervical cancer.  Anita Salas passed away in 1998, and the fund was renamed to honor her memory and dedication to public health in New Mexico.

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