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What our recipients are saying...

"Anita Salas has been very helpful; I am on a fixed income.  Thank you!"

"Thank you for all the help; you have really made a difference in my life."

"I so appreciate the assistance ... after chemo."

"Your help paid for my diagnostic mamogram when I didn't have insurance.  Thank you, Anita Salas."

The fund helped with bills "which was so welcome during an otherwise stressful time in my life."

"I am so grateful to ... The Anita Salas Memorial Fund. ... Thank you so much."



Taos Ski Valley is once again proud to host B4BC's "Love Your Peaks" taking place on Saturday, March 4, 2023. The celebration will include a full day of exciting fundraising activities to benefit  Boarding for Breast Cancer (B4BC) and the Anita Salas Memorial Fund.  Skiers, snowboarders, artists, families, visitors and locals are invited to join in support of this important cause that affects so many of us.  Please click here for more details!

Who we are

The Anita Salas Memorial Fund is a grassroots New Mexico fund that has been in action for over 20 years.

All the money donated stays in New Mexico to help women and men all over the state.

The fund itself does not pay for any staff or overhead expenses.

At least 95 cents of every dollar helps a woman (or man) with breast or cervical cancer.  The other 5 cents is spent on fundraising and other incidental expenses.

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